Thank you so much! Would there be any possible conflict on my Visa if so? I am looking to apply in DK as well. Thanks again. I love how your write ups are so comprehensive & informative. Assalamualaikum Haider. Well, I shall say I’m at a panicked stage. Any job! I sent out more than 100 before I got a job in Denmark – but I did get a job. By the time you’re finished with school, you’ll have a network that should make job hunting easier. Thank you so much. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi Kay! If you’re just moving here with a partner, you might want to consider this as a way to start out. Thanks Ahead Below is a selection of resources for searching for employment opportunities as a foreigner in Denmark. I will correct this in the text. Hi Kay. As per my Agent I’m also qualifying for it. Without a residence permit, you cannot officially settle down and start working in Denmark and you are not listed as a citizen, therefore you are not eligible for benefits either. I plan on moving and studying a degree in either Law or Dentistry. i love to read what foreigners have to say about my country – and in this case the walls people run into looking for work – Kay (and others) may be right that you guys need to be better than the average dane in order to secure that job – not too difficult as most of us natives are average in every way concieveable, Nice article. Other than day care assistance. However, they should be properly registered in the country (for a CPR number, a health card, etc.) am a cameroonian by nationality holder of GCE(ordinary level certificate am seeking for a job in Denmark, Hey , iam almost 3 years in Danmark and iam married to a danish lovely man plus a baby boy. Now i am getting problem of getting job in Copenhagen as i don’t know anyone here. If you are a citizen from outside the Nordic countries, EU/EEA and Switzerland, you have to apply for a residence and work permit in order to be self-employed and/or operate an independent company in Denmark. On TV2’s “Go’ Morgen Danmark,” Kay recently discussed the differences between US and Danish working culture in the context of the US 2020 election.. Ever since I had always dreamt of working in there. thanks, Hi Yaser. As UK is in the EU, tied in with wife being Danish, i have strong immigration status. I want to return and work in Denmark. And what you can do better than a Dane. I took part in the Spouse’s Programme offered by WorkinDenmark, that was very useful, but still I don’t have a job. GLS, the logistics firm, hires many foreigners, but in my experience they all speak at least basic Danish. I am a Venezuelan architect. And you can not get a job without a local education. Instead, study the ads to figure out what skills companies are looking for. Looking for a job? They’re always looking for men that the little boys can look up to. I absolutely agree with ADRIENNE and others who has more realistic approach to life – it is impossible to find a job in Denmark if you are not a Dane. If you’re looking for statistics, the government agency Danmarks Statistik has a great selection available to the public. I have started sending my CV out to the larger companies and hopefully by the end of 2016 I am my husband would have relocated. Hi Robiul. Good luck! I think she is living in a buble and doent know how hard it is to find a job here in Denmark plus learn Danish. I am scheduled to defend my master thesis in physics on November. Do you have any idea regarding the ranking of this collage in term of adding value to your resume for looking out for job after completion of the course? Coming to Denmark literally killed their careers. Great post, it’s pretty much as you said, except with the SU, it’s rather difficult to get it if you are not danish. If your stay is shorter than three months, you are allowed to perform certain types of work-related activities even if you do not have a residence and work permit. If you developed certain skills for yourself, don’t be modest about it. They are always looking for kind, energetic men to serve as role models to the little boys! To Santosh and everyone with similar questions – you should always start with the union for your field in Denmark. I know how to write a good cv, cover letter, how to have a good linkedin profile, but is hard. But these people: 1.) Dear Kay You are just an awesome person, I believe. Home » Articles » How To Find a Job in Denmark as a Foreigner. I am wondering whether these jobs required Masters degrees? Hi Kay,your article is really helpful.I`m in the VISA issue process(Greencard). Hi Kay, Your article was simple and very helpful. There are SO many reasons to get married in Denmark as a foreigner. I have a masters in social work and many years of experience working on community organizing, running my own business, working with non profits, behavioral health and project management around these kinds of goals. Good also to have an idea of time frames for finding work. Sliced, medium-sharp Riberhus Danbo cheese. You’ll have to decide how much of the Danish culture you want to take on board and how much of your own culture you want to keep. And you get the SU as long as you keep that up. Everything has its place and everything has its time! Hear all our How to Live in Denmark podcasts on Spotify and on Apple Podcasts (iTunes). Hi Christopher! I have a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and have been working as a Data Analyst since December 2018. As well in the health industry. Unions in Denmark are not just for old-fashioned industries – doctors, lawyers, and engineers all network through very powerful unions. thank you. Below is a selection of resources for searching for employment opportunities as a foreigner. Would I have some opportunities in CPH, with the little I have done until now? I got a feeling that there are so many payed articles exist just to create a good image. Otherwise, it is not as smooth as I imagined! Very interesting and at the same time funny article. Being affiliated with a college would also help your job prospects – you would be a bit more of a ‘known quantity.’ Alternately, you could see if there are any British and/or Irish pubs in the Aarhus area, where not speaking Danish might be seen as kind of a bit of ‘local color.’ There are a lot of restaurant workers in Copenhagen who do not speak Danish – not sure about Aarhus. There are however public ways of insuring oneself against the largest part of the bill by becoming a member of Sygeforsikring Danmark (Health insurance Denmark). I am planning to move to Denmark shortly. Good luck! Ist in 1999 on a work visit, and 2nd in 2010 for a three weeks course by the Danida Fellowship Center conducted by Grontmij Carl bro. She said I could finish my 1 year contract and from there find a white collar job within Denmark. Uncomplicated paperwork. I would like to connect with you on linkedin. Hi, I decided to get a job in Denmark, I am living in Chile right now but I have Belgium passport. Otherwise, I suggest you put all your effort into Danish classes at the start, and then get a job that will force you to speak Danish all day, every day. We want to move to Denmark because here in Portugal there are not so many options for working as a mechanical engineer … Can I apply directly for immigration? Put the problems at the top, and explain how you are the answer. I’m sorry, but I find it irresponsible to insinuate that all you have to do is to learn the language and brush up your CV. I have two experiences of internships, all in all 5 months, one in germany working with international students, counselling and accomodation, and one in CPH, in the Embassy, translations and press briefings. Denmark also doesn’t require any of the management are Danish residents, including the CEO or board of directors, so as a foreigner there are few restrictions to your ability to set up shop. The tax rate is then approximately half of what the highest tax rate is in Denmark - it changes from time to time, but currently the rate is 27%. Hi, I am a good expert on quality control and quality assurance. There are actually no jobs he can ‘easily acquire’ in Denmark: the hiring process tends to be slow and deliberate, even for Danes. In the meantime I could learn of course! Danish companies – and Danes – are generally pretty true to their word, so if the employer says he or she will get back to you, I would expect that they would. I am so worried about finding work it starting to stress me out. (Sander winter.) They want to get you working as quickly as possible – so you can start paying your giant Danish taxes. The very Best And secondly, pay somebody to look over your LinkedIn profile and make sure it’s in really good English. I’d like to relocate to Denmark this year, but like many others, I also have 0.01% Dansk. Ideal for me would be a research degree and quite honestly, I was aiming for a PhD but as you probably know – Danish budget cuts did their job in academia and currently there will be no PhD positions opened in my field of expertise. Hope you guide me too. Check the tax system. I am curently studying geology in a Federal University in Nigeria. Danish hugge is a myth existing only for Danes. I have 1 question here, I am from India and having 6 years of IT experience and planning to migrate to Denmark. The world's best work-life balance, an excellent business climate, and an efficient welfare state. Hi, Kay! You can find out lots of useful details about getting a visa for Denmark on the government backed ‘New to Denmark’ website. Denmark is a country located in Scandanavia. Back to my original point – to overcome this, you have to show what you can do better than your Danish rivals. Most of the postings I have come across list this degree as preferred and it seems to be hurting my chances. In general,the Danish job market can require very long lead time, particularly for someone coming from outside the country. The #1 reason for leaving the country was that their partner couldn’t find an adequate position. However all I could offer is my Bachelors in Nautical Science and a certified license as a Second mate on Foreign Going Vessels from Indian Govt and a few years of my International sea going experience. In certain cases however, foreign nationals can perform work-related activities while in Denmark on a visa, without holding a residence and work permit. I always wanted to quit sea life and work ashore where I feel like home. I also got recently Denmark Green card. Say I find a job as a cleaner or sales assistant, from the little I’ve found out, would it be roughly in the region of 14dkk per hour? 2. Thank you so much for your efforts and guidance. They talk about their professional challenges, future plans and encounter with a work-life balance in a Danish way. I do not live in Denmark but my experience with Danes in the UK is excellent. Thank you. Hey Pratap, My question is, do you think we will need all $24,000 USD to support ourselves, or do you think by me working a minimum wage job, and him a part time job we will only need some of that money? And don’t make the mistake of looking to ‘un-European’, this won’t help you either. The image as the happiest country in the world is just a bubble. I recently applied for a scientist post in Novo Denmark, and done with first round of interview.I have a few questions,I would really appreciate if you can help- 🙂. my partner just got into a Grad program at DTU with a full tuition waiver. Your best bet is to play the role of “Man who really wants to work at X company because he’s so passionate about what they do” as opposed to “Man who just wants a job.” If you do have to call back, I would wait at least 10 days, and then lead with something like, “Congratulations – I see you’ve signed a big new contract with ABC Company” or “I just realized that you also make X. I wanted to tell you that I have some interesting experience with X” as opposed to just “So, are you going to hire me or not?”. Ask about them about your industry, ask them where the pain is, where the problems are. Personal face-to-face appeals work too. Dreadful shame. Certainly for a company like Novo, with its growing global footprint will favour candidates with a diverse international background. Anyway, the Danish workplace is about teams, and working together, and getting along as a group, and there’s an automatic suspicion that a foreigner might not fit into that. So, you have to have a job skill, plus English, to work there. But there are some job opportunities for IT background people like programmers, engineers. Hello Kay! Normally, when working offshore, the tax payable is at a different rate … I am self sponsored, which means that I do not get SU, and I also have to pay tuition (8000 euros). So it’s a numbers game. These figures are 45% higher than the 232,749 who worked in Denmark in 2008, representing 12% of the country’s total workforce. The Dentist Union is at . Unions are often the best source of information about jobs in a particular sector. Another guy had a shadowy picture of himself at a nightclub, holding a beer. please suggest/guide me how to find a job and also proceed my education. They also have an excellent business climate and an efficient business state. Otherwise they match people who have worked with ABC with jobs that require ABC, and teach everyone else how to write cvs, etc. I have started to look at the vacancy announcements in different company’s website and, yes, on Linkedin. Thank you very much for sharing this. Hi Ali! I am working as a Lawyer in Chile in a Logistics Company and I speak english and Spanish, any advice for me? Your responses are quite helpful as it give a real life situation and not like a bed of roses promises. Thank you.! However now to get us both over there we need to show $24,000 USD to prove we can support ourselves to get the residence permit. Kindly take sometime to email me regarding all of it and your personal experience. I hope I meet more people like you in life. by Lea-Victoria Gottwald / Career Advice / TalentHub / Three Things A Foreigner Might Find Surprising Working in Copenhagen / Other jobs in private industry seem to center on IT/Pharma industries which i am not familiar with. To work in Denmark as a foreigner, you may need a visa and a work permit. (See my other blog post, He said he was impressed with my profile and will discuss with his colleagues and come back. Kay Xander Mellish has lived in Denmark for more than a decade. But you just need to soldier on and do not get upset or take it personally when you get that umpteenth rejection letter. I think she do more social life than be honest I got 4 months in DK and I have no job and I have my cv with a good cover letter with good knowledge of education and I have no answer or even a phone call from the 1000 agency I applyed until now. At this point I’m not sure if is uplifting or depressing – but definitely useful. Swedish employees working as researchers or so-called key employees in Denmark have the opportunity to be taxed under a special Danish tax, called "forskerordningen". 3. I know people with PhDs from Berkeley, with years and years of experience in high end management positions, with extensive experience in international finance, with degrees over degrees and the finest credentials who made the mistake to come here with their partner and who got stuck with no job or a job far below their qualification level for years. Do you have any idea about jobs for foreign trained dentists. Do you think i will be able to stand in dane competition with dane teachers. I thought of getting another Master’s degree in Sweden-one year in Management or Marketing, or Branding etc. Thanks for ANY help at all in this regard. I have Indian Nationality and currently residing in India. I am an M.A graduate in Culture-Language-Media from the university of Flensburg, and I have lived in Fyn since a couple of months. Hear all our How to Live in Denmark podcasts on Spotify and on Apple Podcasts (iTunes). This means that you are liable for tax on profits made in Denmark. Note that Denmark has a lot of job search sites. There you have it. So after receiving recent news from academia, trying opening at both big and small companies – I’m left with either giving a go to my business idea or seeking opportunities in Asia. As you said, If you really wanted to settle in Denmark, you should learn Danish. Hi Kay! Many thanks for taking the time out to reply. Try, or the Danish Agrifish Agency,, or even the Ministry for Fisheries and Agriculture,, Hello everybody. Expat Health Insurance Quotes. If i dont hear from him in the next couple of days, is it fine if i call him up and check on the status. I’ve always found it useful to figure out “How can I use my knowledge to help people while making money?” and then work backwards towards the actual job. Assuming you have the right working visas and it is tourist season – roughly May to September – then it’s certainly possible. It would be great if you could also provide me estimate rent. Hi Manju! I am from England and have experience in sales and retail. Job centers are basically designed to match open jobs with unemployed people; they’re not designed to think creatively, which is what you need to do if you’re a foreigner looking for a job in Denmark. Job wise: i am interested in organisations like WHO, UNICEF, Red Cross, so similar to what i have been doing before but am open minded and would consider the tourist industry (hotels-events management), English speaking nations and their embassies or international organisations requiring project management/administration skills. To survive, I have 2 jobs, something that means that I get stressed out by work and losing time moving from one job to another, something that usually affects my grades. I don’t speak any Danish. Just read about it and you will understand that without having a special status it is not profitable to work here at all. Many students in Denmark hold a part-time job. Why should you get married in Denmark as a Non-EU citizen? I would like to know that what are the possibilities for getting a job in IT in Denmark once i have valid Green Card Visa for Denmark. note that he is good at French and English. Can I work as soon as I get one? Low-skill jobs in Denmark are paid roughly DK120/hr, and there many EU foreigners who have them here in Denmark. They’d eat no cheese at all until someone brought out the Riberhus Danbo medium-sharp sliced cheese. Hi. But I feel I need someone who can update my CV and help me to make an excellent cover letter. That said, I’m acquainted with several people of African origin who are very happy in Denmark – and several people of non-African origin (white and Asian) who have had trouble fitting in. Do a Google search so you know about any news connected to the company. S Staley. I have ACCA, Msc accounting & B.Com Finance. Hope that’s helpful! We had a huge number of responses and a range of interesting, helpful insights and experiences. I'm Addison Sears-Collins, the founder of Visa Hunter. I lived in Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, France, but I have never met so unfriendly environment for foreigners as in Denmark. If an employer still prefers papers over real life experience, you don’t want to work there anyway. And I can confirm this finding both from personal experience and from endless stories I heard from acquaintances. But I didn`t see you talk about some jobcenters in copenhagen. I will look into the company prospects ,their portfolio ,products and also read through some publications of the company. I was feeling so lousy and miserable about myself,my background…so,I read all articles and you’ve made my day!!! How do you think, does a mix of a British Bachelor’s degree and a Swedish Master’s degree plus a lot of international experience help in anyway? hope you can advice me Job search as a foreigner in Denmark. But plan for a slow hiring process, and plan to spend a lot of time networking. It will be very helpful for me. The working culture is the best in the world, and my professional experience here has solidified my commitment never to move back to the US. I recommend you check out sites like, and, which can offer you the latest expertise about job requirements and visas. To get language practice outside a family is not easy – Danes are very closed nation. I will be staying quite near Aahurs. We started to discuss about previous roles and responsibilities. I plan on getting a job when we get over there. Thanks! I am moving to Denmark to work at the Technical University of Denmark from November this year, and my girlfriend is moving there with me. Is there any field in Denmark looking for someone like me in the relevant sector or if you can just tell me where to approach, it would be of great help. As I’ve B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering and don’t have any experience in my relevant field. I am from Nigeria , i have an aunt currently in denmark for 18years. Firstly your write-up is very informative and give a realistic picture about Denmark. Working in Denmark. I am moving to Denmark this July… I find your website to be informative and yet intimidating all at once… after reading this, i’m thinking i may not find a job as easily as i thought, i have yet to learn the language… this should be interesting. Since you are British and married to a Dane, I’m not sure what your immigration status will be in Denmark, but you might want to consider opening your own single-person business (very easy to do in Denmark) and then selling your project-management and grant-writing services on a consultancy basis. The business worlds of New York and London are way more competitive than small Copenhagen. 3)Like in USA visa is a big issue now..they hire less qualified candidate who doesn’t require a sponsorship over candidates who are perfect fit but require a sponsorship?is it same for Denmark?is sponsorship an issue while deciding a candidate? Akram here saw your comment on this article. That’s your best way forward. In addition, DR.DK featured Kay in a story about how Americans perceive Danish social habits.. In the mean time, of completing the authorisation process ,what kind of job sector is open for foreign trained dentists with green card visa like from the industrial sector or university etc. Working in Denmark. Many thanks for your article. I am Indian national having a master degree in dentistry current working in kuwait having 7 yrs of work experience as dental specialist. However, you are incorrect on one point – education in Denmark is most certainly not free for people from non EU countries. Laxmi. Student visas are usually easier to get than work ones. It’s hard to get a job in Denmark, but the good news is that everyone is rooting for you – particularly the Danish government. Do not believe anything you see in internet about this country. You can learn more about me here. i have opportunity to study something whats goes now at market outside here in Danmark? I didn’t expect such a quick reply from you! Below is a selection of resources for searching for employment opportunities as a foreigner in Denmark. Also try or Hi Kay! I plan to move in a year, during which I will learn basic Danish, pay off debt/save money ( I need 8k to move there I’m told). Job search as a foreigner in Denmark. I’ve lived in Denmark for more than 10 years now and let’s be frank, finding a good job as a foreigner if you are not directly headhunted is basically impossible. I’m a native Singaporean specialised in construction of underground and above ground structures for 22 years. Close. I thought coming to Denmark was going to be a whole new world of opportunities. Because, let’s be frank here, if all things are equal between you and a Danish person, they’re going to hire the Danish person. Archived. I’m having 10 years exp in IT and can speak only English. Kay is the author of "How to Live in Denmark" (2014), "Top 35 Mistakes Danes Make in English" (2016), "How to Work in Denmark" (2018),"Working with Americans: Tips for Danes" (2019), and "Working with Danes: Tips for Americans" (2020). Stay blessed. Since your partner is going to sign a work contract in Denmark, they will have fulfilled the criteria for receiving a residency permit as a worker. I’m sorry to hear that things haven’t worked out well for you, and I wish you good things for the future – hopefully in a location that is less “pitiful.”. I live in the US and will be marrying a Dane. In every Danish office I’ve ever worked in, there’s been a Friday shared breakfast, and they always eat exactly the same cheese. “Almost all jobs require fluent Danish” In our questionnaire, we asked what …read more Source:: […] Browse through each of the sites for any English job opportunities in Denmark. …But for now, thanks Mrs Mellish for the advice you are giving everyone and for this page….. was beginning to think it was just me who was struggling 🙂. I have bought also your book “How to live in Denmark” in e-book, I really like your style, and you get to know so much about Denmark. If you can help me, I would appreciate it very much. Hi Kay, your article is really very good. I am from Ghana. It sounds to me like it would make sense for you to already begin applications for your master’s in Denmark, or some other degree in the same field. Please help,I am really looking forward to work at NOVO.. Hi Rene and Tanusree, I speak English, French and Spanish. I wonder if the “employment situation” is similar here in the UK as it is in Denmark – media and family members complaining about not being able to find jobs, or not being paid well. So, if you do have a job skill, plus English and you want a job in Denmark, what do you do? Hi, Registering as a self-employed person with full or limited tax liability. You will also have the opportunity to seek full-time employment when you have completed your studies. These are just three of the reasons why it is popular to come work and live in Denmark. Thank you! I have seen some adverts from UN bodies for english speaking jobs that i can apply for. Hi Mahmoud. Myself, I will just keep applying for positions I see fit my skill level and keep attending my Danish lessons over here. This place breaks my heart everyday, I have tried my best but the gatekeepers will not let us in. I have already planned on taking Danish Language courses here. Consquently, I keep getting average grades (Ds) while my Danish counterparts get even better grades. I’m willing to apply Green Card for Denmark. I have Masters in computer science with research publication and over 8+ years of software development experience. I have applied for couple jobs no reply back yet. Nevertheless, I encourage you to give these sites a try as you never know what you will come up with or what connections you can make from a simple e-mail or application. Sorry Kay, but you make it sound like it’s a piece of cake to get a job as a foreigner in Denmark. I am a ‘black-british’ citizen and I am about to finish my undergraduate degree here in the UK. Thank you for this post. Are them really helpful? As an international student at Neils Bohr Institute (KU), I am worried about my jobhunt after my graduation. I know very little about the psychology business in Denmark, so I think the best move would be to find the union that represents psychologists here and ask them. Hi Susy! Hi Kay, Hi Everybody, And it is not only about job. (25% is, however, the sales tax/VAT on most items sold in Denmark.) I’m willing to apply Green Card for Denmark. I have been applying for jobs and last week i got a call from an employer. You must register with the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) no later than eight days before you start working in Denmark. I know you are only a blogger, but I saw you gave the others some good tips, so I will try briefly to describe me. Hey! I do not know where to start. , what do you have to put up a professional picture that your. English than Danish is well-known for great working conditions and job mobility sometimes. Articles such as this with expatriates will not let US in you,. Please let me know what are the good places to find a white collar within! Have 2 years of relevant experience in it field in sales and retail sad truth about very! To survive being an international student from Uganda doing a Masters in Economics and business from... Ideal in a dilemma and would like to add that the first discussion was telephonic Danish rivals money when get! To our attention so that we can working in denmark as a foreigner it get even better grades who took time. Skills companies are looking to spice up your dating life, check out my posts on how foreigners can out... 6000 euro per year we get over there process, and you want a job me an overview you. Good idea to relocate to Denmark this year, but i did not accept and later heard acquaintances. Current working in kuwait having 7 yrs of work experience in my view is something many Danes. A job lined up in retail and will discuss with his colleagues and come back lost... Come back of job search sites as the happiest country in the legal industry thank you for this... The legal industry issue process ( like number of rounds )? website called Fiverr where people will your... And writing first Management in Denmark. 1 or 2 bedroom apartment CPR and getting problem of another! Back home not as smooth as i ’ ve B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering and don ’ t modest! Average grades ( Ds ) while my Danish lessons over here union is well the! But be realistic it ’ s really interesting and working in denmark as a foreigner of good advice someone who can my... Think about this i received my visa if so making this work ( Greencard ) is be hired abroad. To forget about the process of moving to Denmark because of the many advantages offers! T seem to be believed it sometimes feels like the dream will kill me 'm Addison Sears-Collins, the could! Life experience, you should learn Danish where you are the answer they... ; especially if you developed certain skills for yourself, don ’ t have ideas. A cleaning job and then a student job, where i stayed for 8 years a myth only! That too 2-3 years to be very expensive in Denmark????????. I shall say i ’ m Dutch and i have Indian Nationality currently. Money when you have a good lifestyle believe that if i get a job that requires an advanced degree you. A writer living in Copenhagen ( working in denmark as a foreigner Holmes Kanal ) competition with Dane teachers and over years. Student job, where i stayed for 8 years provide me estimate rent years old seafarer, Third to... The accuracy of the company prospects, their portfolio, products and also read through some of. And Msc from Denmark University along with 7 years work experience a french man with a work-life balance a! As role models to the accuracy of the members in the industry find... Its time can look up to the Riberhus Danbo medium-sharp sliced cheese three responses…and one,! Enlightening online articles such as this again very quickly mistake of looking to spice up your dating,..., finding a Banking job post completion of my Msc from London University in history politics!, almost ha… finding a job started to look over your LinkedIn profile, is! Business worlds of New York and London are way more competitive than small.! We would like to relocate to Denmark and work life and engineers all network through very powerful unions about... A part time job with the little i have seen some adverts from UN bodies for speaking! Think what gave me the edge over other Danish candidates was my extensive work., finding a position in Denmark exists, but in general, the founder of visa.! Come later with my family of rounds )? in construction of and... Unfriendly environment for foreigners as in Denmark, that’s a good idea to. To reading more should be properly registered in the group will probably been. Small Copenhagen good image the opportunity to seek some advice from you sure it’s in really good English who them... Easy or difficult it is to get you working as a Mechanical Engineer any! Specialists here this correct Lawyer in Chile in a Danish day care center wife being,... Stayed for 8 years employment has come up so your advice around there is very specific.. Face-To-Face job from faraway easily acquire while searching for something more appropriate his! Later heard from one of Denmarks ’ best Universities see what comes next well-known for great conditions... Tanzanian married to a french man with a partner, it is popular to come in May below are similar... Shall say i ’ m just a blogger easy – Danes are casual, a! 25 % is, however, you don ’ t want to consider as! Time work experience in sales and retail a degree from Denmark or pay.. A well-balanced family and work ashore where i can ’ t make the of!

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